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The aim of a present regulation is to fix the rights and by Prieston Kft (seat:1062 Budapest, Székely Bertalan utca 4. 3. em. 3.) operated in framework of webshop, in connection with his usage,  rights and obligation of the data operator and private persons in connection with data protection, who have recourse to working services in the framework of system, together with to fix data operator’s applied practice towards of  protection of personal data applied practice, based on the effective law.

Accessibility of Data operator:

Name: Prieston Kft.

Seat: 1062 Budapest, Székely Bertalan steet 4. 3. em. 3.

registration number: 01-09-992875


Phone number:

Fax number:

  1. Applied law and definitions

The data operator provides for regulatory law in the course of his activity, notably:

-Alaptörvény (Constitution of Hungary)

-Act of CXII of 2011on information rights and the freedom of information

-Act of VI of 1998 protection of personal data during digitalized adaption

-Act of CVIII of 2001 on digital trade services

In the present regulation the under mentioned expressions is being defined as follows:

Personal data: data, what may bring into a contact with determined natural person, and inference which can be deducted from data, and onto the person concerned relevant inference, what may draw from the data.

Special data:

  1. a) onto the racial origin, the belonging to an national and ethnic minority, the political opinion or party allegiance, the religious or other ideological conviction, the interest representation organizational membership
  2. b) onto the health conditions, pathological passion, sexual life relevant data, and the personal data in the criminal record.

Personal data in the criminal record: in the course of criminal procedure or previous to that, correlate with the crime or criminal procedure, onto conducting of the criminal procedure, and by the entitled to exploration of the crime organisation, furthermore by law-enforcement authorities, may bring into a contact with person concerned, and criminal record relevant personal data.

Contribution: volunteer and imperiously proclamation of the wish of the person concerned, which is founded on proper information, and what he/she give her/his unmistakable permission  to treatment of her/his personal data.

Protest: Statement of person concerned, what she/he disapprove of treatment of her/his personal data, and he/she want the stoppage of the data treatment, and delete of the treated data.

Data treatment: irrespectively of  applied procedure, any done operation on the data, or complex of the operations, for example collection, registration, recording, systematization, storage, correction, using, transmission, publishing, phasing or linking, distraint, deleting and destruction of data, and prevention of using of the additional data.

Data operator: is a natural person or legal entity, or organisation without legal entity, who/what defines the aim of treatment of the data, brings in a verdict onto the data treatment relevantly, executes them, or sells up with by her/him trustee Data processor.

Data transmission: when the data is being done accessible for determined third party.

Publication: when the data is done accessible for anybody.

Data deletion:  the data is being done unrecognizable so that reconstruction is beyond possibility.

Data distraint: transmission, knowing, publication, reconstruction, correction, destruction, deletion, phasing or linking and using of data are being done beyond possibility definitively or to determined time.

Data destruction: the entire physical destruction of the data or those containing data medium.

Data processing: connected with operation of the data treatment performance of technical task, irrespectively of applied method and instrument, what he/she uses to enforcement of operation, and irrespectively of space of enforcement.

Data processor: the natural person, or legal entity, or rather organisation without legal entity, who/what processes the personal data per procuration of data operator, what includes the procuration by law.

Third party: the natural person, or legal entity, or other organisations without legal entity, who/what is not same with data operator or data processor.

The proper law is at all times effective provisions of Hungarian regulation (noted in the 1. section) in all the questions, what the present document did not regulate,.

Basic principles of the data treatment

Data operator is observant of the constitutional basic right contested with protection of personal data. This law includes everybody selves dispose of exhibition and using of her/his personal data, and the right to privacy of correspondence, or rather authority of trust of trade secrets.

The data operator manages the personal data exclusive in the present data privacy from defined aim, of behalf of practice of his/her rights and fulfillment of his/her obligations, in necessary degree and until necessary time of realization of aim. And he/she manages just that data, which one necessary to fruition of the aim of the data treatment, and which one  is suitable for  achievement of the aim.

Thus the data operator manages the personal data solely from that aim, person concerned should practice his/her right and fulfill one’s obligation by law and permission.

The data treatment has to be fit for the aim of the data management in all of his sections. The data registration and management have to be square and legitimate.

The data operator try to ensure preciseness, entirety and continuous freshening of data, if the person concerned permit of it.

The data operator retains the trade secrets, what she/he got to know in the course of data treatment.

The data operator is obliged to be liable for safety of the data and to get into shape rules of procedure what is necessary for the enforcing of data policy. Thus she/he acquaints and get present provision of present data policy across to all of his/her employee.

The data operator is obliged to protect the data in the course of data treatment notably from unauthorized access, modification, publication, transmission, deletion, destruction, or unintentional destruction, and damages.

Aim of operation of the webshop and general rules of the data treatment

The Prieston Kft sales the clothes in a Webshop which is operated by Prieston.

In the course of using of webshop the data treatment rest on permission of person concerned.

The circle of the treated data:
– Name
– Home address
– Phone number
– e-mail title

Duration of data treatment

Data operator manages the personal data, what he/she optained his/her activity, by proper counting rules and tax laws, in allotted time for trust of vouchers.

The personal data and trade data will be deleted at termination of aim of data treatment or if the person concerned want it

Supplying of data and previous information

Before registration an information of the person concerned is held and to procurement of permission of data treatment is purchased.

When the person concerned registers on the website, she/he gives the necessary personal data for the operator.

When the person concerned has resort to service of Data operator, she/he gives her/his permission for using of personal data in this circle.

Persons who are entitled to recognise the data:

Data operator, his/her employee and in measure empowered authorities may get acquainted with treated data.

The labour contracts prohibits the misuse with personal data for associates of data operator.

Transmission of the data

Data operator does not transmit of personal data for third party. It is not refer to data obligatory transmission, what low prescribed in special cases. The data operator examines the claim of the magisterial requests for transmission before her/his performance.


Right and obligations of the concerned person

The Act CXII of 2011 14§: The person concerned may request from data operator at

  1. information from management of her/his personal data
  2. correction of personal data, and
  3. deletion and distraint of  personal data ( obligatory data treatment exception )

Information by request of person concerned:

The person concerned may request from management of her/his personal data. This authority may extend on treatment of her/his data, aim and duration of data management, name and address of the data operator, activity of data management, and on who and from which aim receive the data.

The data operator gives information in the first 30 days after lodging of request, in writing, easy to understandable.

The first information of the running year is free per sphere of activities. In other case the person concerned has to pay the cost of information.

Correction of personal data of person concerned

If the personal data is false, the data operator corrects it, if the right data is at data operator’s disposal. The person concerned may request correction of her/his personal data. The operator informs the person concerned from correction after he made the correction in his register.

Withdrawal of a permission

The person concerned may withdraw the already given permission without justification, in part or in whole, at any time.

Exception those personal data which are necessary for the performance of the obligation by law or contract. The data operator is liable for the prompt stoppage of data treatment after the notification about withdrawal of the permission, and he/she deletes definitively those personal data from the register, what the request included, furthermore the operator makes the data processor aware of deletion and informs the person concerned about this.

Distraint of the personal data

The operator lockups the personal data instead of deletion, if the person concerned requests it or if presumably by information the deletion offends the legitimate interest of person concerned. The blocked personal data is treatable, while to answer one’s aim of data treatment, which rules out the deletion of the personal data.

Protest against personal data management

The person concerned may exclaim against management of her/his personal data,

  1. if the treatment or transmission of the personal data is necessary for the performance of the legal obligation of the data operator, or for vindication of the rights of the third-party, except in case of the obligatory data treatment;
  2. if the use and transmission of the personal data happen because of aim of direct business acquisition, opinion poll or scientific research.
  3. in a law defined other case.

Denial of information

The data operator may deny the information by request of the person concerned in the Act 2011. CXII. 16. § Paragraph defined cases.

Marking of the personal data

The operator assigns those personal data, which the opinion of the person concerned is false, but may not take cognizance of it unequivocally.

Liability of data operator

The data operator shall not be liable for the given data by person concerned. The data operator does not manage the special data, and personal data in the criminal record, so if he perceives the breaking open of this data, then deletes data and the registration parallel with the notification of the person.

Data treatment may diverge from given permission of the person concerned, in the course of using, if the user contribute to it – by previous contact of the data operator.

Data security

Data operator does all necessary measures to assure for secure and damage free treatment of the data and to establish the necessary system of the data treatment.

The data operator guarantees that unwarranted persons does not get the data, they cannot publicize, transmit, correct, delete them

The data are stored on Hungarian server network. The data operator covenant to provide for security of data with the latest and most suitable equipment and protecting rules.

The data operator commits all possible, to protect data from damage, or from perish. The data operator orders for employees who work in process of data treatment the same expectations in written form.

Vindication of the rights before the Court

The person concerned may initiate a claim in connection with the damage according to data management may apply to court owing to verdict of data operator. The evaluation of the lawsuit belong to the Törvényszék. The Act 2011 of CXII. contain the provisions of the obligation of data operators and of right of person concerned.

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